Flint Harrington Mysteries

There are lots of mysteries written about life in the  Rocky Mountains. Here’s my take—let Flint Harrington and his furry partner Apollo tell you a few tales.

Hallelujah Is Dying

The first book in the series, Hallelujah Is Dying, is available in the Kindle Store.

Book 1 of the Flint Harrington Mysteries

Book 1 of the Flint Harrington Mysteries

Hell comes to Hallelujah, a sleepy little mining town high in the Colorado Rockies.
Flint Harrington was Hallelujah’s marshal until Mayor Joe laid him off. Five months later, the mayor is dead, found collapsed in his mine. His widow asks Flint to investigate. He agrees to help her as a favor but expects to find that Joe died of natural causes.
To Flint’s horror, he discovers instead that Joe was hiding a terrible secret from his wife and the town. Joe’s unexpected death pulls back a curtain and exposes a criminal enterprise thriving in Hallelujah’s dark and remote mines.
Human monsters roam those hidden corridors, torturing and killing innocent victims. And when more murders follow, the town turns to the marshal they once cast aside, praying for him to save them all.
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Paradise Is Dying

The second book in the series, Paradise Is Dying, is available in the Kindle Store now.

Book Two of the Flint Harrington Mysteries

Book Two of the Flint Harrington Mysteries

There’s big trouble in Paradise. Two world-famous celebrities have been murdered at Colorado’s renowned Paradise Ranch.
Giselle Tanzer, a beloved young actress, has died with most of her life’s promise unfulfilled. Detective Flint Harrington finds her body next to Chuckie Love’s. He was a vulgar and bombastic billionaire. Both were shot at point blank range in his bedroom suite.
It seems like an open and shut case. Chuckie sexually assaulted Giselle. Furious, she grabbed a gun from a nearby drawer and blasted a bullet into the monster’s heart. Then, horrified at what she’d done, she put the pistol to her temple and pulled the trigger again. A dramatic end to a remarkable life.
But Flint soon realizes nothing in this case can be accepted at face value.

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Majestic Is Dying

The third book in the series, Majestic Is Dying,  is available in the Kindle Store now.

Majestic Is Dying Book Three of the Flint Harrington Mysteries

Book Three of the Flint Harrington Mysteries

Spring ski vacations in the Colorado Rockies just got deadly dangerous.
It’s March, and skiers are flocking to Majestic Mountains’ word-famous resorts in Alpine County. That is until local skier Stan Allen is found dead on one of Majestic’s double black diamond runs. Half of a ski pole is protruding from his chest.
Detective Flint Harrington investigates, but he can’t find anyone who held a grudge against poor Stan. Then the murderer strikes again, this time posting a video of his attack on the Internet. Ski trips suddenly get cancelled, and people throughout the world wonder who could be so sadistic.
Flint investigates the ski company’s business practices and discovers plenty of folks who are furious at Majestic Mountains, including disgruntled employees, injured patrons, and frustrated environmentalists. Then Majestic’s CEO, Dan Kincaid, hears directly from the killer-More trouble is heading your way, Danny Boy. Get out your checkbook.

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The Wolves Are Dying

The fourth book in the series, The Wolves Are Dying, is available in the Kindle Store.

Book 4 of the Flint Harrington Mysteries

Book 4 of the Flint Harrington Mysteries

One sound sure to strike fear in the heart of a Western rancher is the howl of a wolf calling in the night.

When a family of wolves begins roaming across Wyoming’s high plains, local ranchers mobilize to wipe them out. But the crafty canines elude their pursuers, and a small band of environmentalists guides the pack to safety in Colorado. It turns out, though, that Colorado’s ranchers hate these large, voracious predators every bit as much as the folks in Wyoming.
So begins a modern range war. Bullets fly, and one of them finds young Brad Norton, ending his life a few days before he planned to head to college. Detective Flint Harrington sets out to find Brad’s killer, but the man Flint is seeking is both cunning filled with rage. His war has only just begun.

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