The Sorcerers’ Scourge Urban Fantasies

The mountains are magical, and so are the trees, animals, and water. Here’s a series of urban fantasy stories that take place both in the cities and in Colorado’s wildest places.

Lone Survivor

The first book in the series, Lone Survivor, is available in the Kindle Store.

Book 1 of The Sorcerers' Scourge series

Book 1 of The Sorcerers’ Scourge series

My name is Ian O’Rourke, and the main thing you need to know about me is that I’ve never cracked anybody’s skull who didn’t deserve it.

Actually, until a few weeks ago, I was a peace-loving wheat farmer who preferred to crack jokes instead of bones. But two sorcerers slaughtered my closest kin and sent me running for my life.
Yeah, I’ve suffered, but I keep my feelings locked deep inside and plan my revenge. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but some things cannot be forgotten or forgiven.
A clan of Celtic witches in Boulder, Colorado agreed to take me in—on the condition that I learn fighting magic and protect them against their own sorcerer scum. I agreed. Now I’m a deadly weapon in the making. My fists, staff, and spells are the tools of my new trade. It’s a nasty job, bruising and often bloody work, but at least I’m on the side of the angels. I’m after the bastards who killed my kin, and they’ll curse the day they attacked the O’Rourke family. For more details about Book 1, click here.


The second book in the series, Sanctuary, is available in the Kindle Store.

Book 2 of The Sorcerers' Scourge series

Book 2 of The Sorcerers’ Scourge series

My name is Ian O’Rourke, and I have unfinished business–the bone-crunching and bloody kind. I fight sorcerers for a clan of Celtic witches in Boulder.

It turns out, I’m a natural-born warrior, but raw talent isn’t enough when my main target is Raul Escobar. He’s the head sorcerer in the Rocky Mountain region. That monster helped slaughter my family.
My memory of that day burns deep inside my heart, but at the moment, he’s too strong to confront head-on. Instead, I’m wiping out those who protect him. And every time I win, I get closer to wrapping my hands around Escobar’s neck. That happy prospect keeps me pressing on. For more details about Book 2, click here.


The third book in the series, Vengeance, is currently available in the Kindle Store.

Book 3 of the Sorcerers' Scourge series

Book 3 of the Sorcerers’ Scourge series

My name is Ian O’Rourke, and I’m on the warpath–literally.

I’m half Osage, and we don’t forgive killers or turn the other cheek. So Raul Escobar, the last surviving sorcerer who helped slaughter my family, is due for justice. His blood debt can only be repaid with his life.
He’s the leader of the sorcerers in the Rocky Mountain region, and he’s sent assassins to destroy me, each one tougher than the last. So far, those murderous schemes have failed. A no-holds-barred battle between Escobar and me is coming soon. I will have my vengeance or die trying. For more details about Book 3, click here.


The fourth book in the Sorcerers’ Scourge series, Freedom, is now available in the Kindle Store.

Freedom, book 4 in the Sorcerers' Scourge series

Freedom, book 4 in the Sorcerers’ Scourge series

My name is Moira, and Ian O’Rourke just saved me from a lifetime of magical slavery. Thank the gods, he’s the new witch warlord in charge of Central California.

For six brutal years, I was forced by sorcerers to fight as a gladiator, but now I’m free! I’m incredibly grateful to Ian, and now my work is just beginning. Mom and my two sisters are also slaves to sorcerers. With Ian’s help, I’ll win their freedom, too.

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