Angels at the Edge Urban Fantasies

Demons are fighting a guerrilla war against angels all across the planet, and they’re winning. The satanic forces are sowing terror in every possible way, and there are too many of them for the angels to control anymore. But the demons made the mistake of burning me to a crisp in a forest fire. I’m Gabriel Townsend, the newest apprentice angel, and these are my stories.

Forged By Fire

The first book in the series, Forged by Fire, will be available in the Kindle Store soon.

New series! Book 1 Forged By Fire

New series! Book 1 Forged By Fire

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that burning to death is a gruesome way to go.

So, sure, I’m carrying a pretty big chip on my shoulder. Lucky for me, my first job for the legion is to find the demon who killed me and so many others.

The problem is, this monster is hiding among so many other demons, and I’ve got to be careful or they’ll put me down for good. Not that fear will hold me back. I can be patient, and I won’t stop searching for the arsonist until I’ve found him and we’ve eliminated him permanently.